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I'm a recent graduate of the University of California, Irvine, currently focusing on web and game development. Collaborating with others making creative projects is my passion in life. I love leading game projects and working on them. It's always been a blast to make stupid, funny games with my close friends, and I hope to always be working with fun groups in the future.

My past couple years in Irvine have been absolutely amazing. Most of my great experiences comes from working with the Video Game Development Club at UCI, where I've met a ton of talented and inspiring developers. It's thanks to them that I've been able to grow a lot as a person and have the chance to work with so many interesting teams.

Outside of games, I've been a big anime watcher for most of my life. I was actually pretty serious about going into art and animation at some point because of how much I enjoyed it, but that didn't quite pan out as I found new interests and opportunities elsewhere. A lot of the games I've made or want to make are heavily inspired or based on anime, like that of one of my favorite series, The Tatami Galaxy.

Because of my interests in anime, I also ended up reading quite a bit of manga, though definitely not to the same level as the anime I watch. And also as a result, most of the music I listen to comes from a variety of Japanese producers and artists. I'm a mostly casual somewhat big follower of the utaite and vocaloid scenes.

Most recently, I've fallen back to playing a lot of a little game called osu!. It's a rhythm game that, hmm, coincidentally has a lot of songs from Japanese producers I follow as well as a ton of anime-related work. In my last year at UCI, I started a club based around playing the game, and there, I met an awesome group of funky friends and players like myself. There're a lot of creative avenues to the game in programming and styling custom osu! beatmaps, and that's where my interests lie now.


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My resume can be downloaded below in couple different formats. As a precaution, some personal information has been removed. Message me if you'd like more info.