Site Is Up(almost)!!!

22 January 2016, 8:00AM

So after I think almost 3, 4, 5, honestly I'm not even sure anymore weeks of work, I want to say I'm at a pretty good state with rebuilding this site. Right now, I think all the programming functionalities I want are here, namely being able to click and make Blog/Project/About posts with optional file attachments that I can reference, all hooked up with Rails. This is a pretty big step up from the static sites I had in the past, which required me to do a whole boatload of copy pasting of files and take way too long transferring things back and forth.

Despite the difficulties I had in picking up not only a new framework but an entirely new language, I think I learned a tremendous amount and enjoyed the experience, as grueling as some parts felt. Admittedly, some sections of this site are hanging on by some magic thread (hehe), but I think everything is at a pretty stable and (more importantly) looking-alright state that I can work with. I'm sure some parts of what I'm doing may be frowned upon or maybe even up straight up illegal, but I'm satisfied with the results so far.

It will take some more time before everything is fully up though. I'll still be working on this new site with test port 3000 until all my projects and their info are up. Then I'll switch everything over to and the site'll officially be live.

Oh yeah, I need to test videos and embedded files, so here's a puppy and youtube, soundcloud, and niconico music.