One more post...

21 March 2016, 7:33AM

Then it'll be all be over caught up...

Drew a Little Something

11 March 2016, 3:10AM

So I have three project write ups remaining. The next one, osu! UCI, I'm putting off because just imagining everything I need to talk about is pretty intimidating. In the mean time to take my mind off things, I spent about a day drawing a little something for the front page. It's supposed to be a disgusted looking girl recoiling from shock at this website.

Well, maybe I didn't hone in on the disgust part well enough. I tried, but it's more surprised than anything. That's probably fine. I wanted to draw a cutie girl. Best way to relieve stress, amiright or am I right. I'm pretty happy with my work, and I think it's done its job to put me back into writing mode. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll get this site completely finished.

This picture was partly inspired by Senjougahara from the Monogatari series, loosely. There was a girl I used to know who always used to put her hair up in this style. I thought it was attractive, so I tried to draw it in. I don't know what the exact name of the hairstyle is though I've tried looking for a bit.

The style is kind of hard to see since it's blocked by the ribbon but it's like a pony tail stuffed back into the hairband. Senjougahara became an influence because she had a hairdo similar to this at one point, except it was backwards. In this picture, the hair is pulled back into the hairband underneath where it came from. Senjougahara's is alternatively pulled back into the hairband on top of where it came from. It's not really the same thing, but I used her for references.

There's a little bit of Nisekoi here I guess, with the ribbon and necklace. I swear I wasn't thinking of it when I drew the sketch, but it just kind of ended up like this. I don't know. The belt is just the belt I usually wear. It's backwards, and I know that, but I didn't want to reverse the image. Speaking of backwards, I'm pretty sure the ribbon is backwards, one way or another.

Transition. Stripes are cool. I think whenever I want to have a time efficient design on clothing that looks pretty good I just go with that. That's what I did for Sweet Regret, a project I did last summer. Star stockings, sure why not. Legs are sexy right? I wanted to even out the picture so that there were interesting details at every part.

I decided to not go past coloring, so no shading. Saves me some time, and I think with so much black on the picture already, extra coloring wasn't needed. This was the look I was aiming for anyways. If I had more time, I think her face could use some more work. I tried to fix things to add more disgust to her expression, but I didn't have much luck. I'm proabbly better off trying to redraw it at this point.

The foreshortened arms could use some work too. I spent a lot of time on these since foreshortening was a little tricky, and hands aren't too easy to draw. The left side looks fine, but the right side, specifically the hand, looks kind of weird. The shoulders also look a little imbalanced, as you can see the right one seems bigger than the left. It doesn't look too apparent though with the angle and the loose clothing.

That's pretty much it. A mini-write up even here too, oh boy. I'll leave off with some music I guess. Here's a pretty relaxing piano piece that I came across. This is sung by Bugtteruhito and composed by Koji. I don't know either of them really well, but I found this song on Bugtteruhito's NicoNico list when I was browsing through it. I only know her through by one of my oddly favorite songs by MikitoP, Telephone Juice.


Telephone Juice

Okay, Site Almost Not Up

7 February 2016, 10:27PM

Alright, it's been two weeks since my last update, and things are going a lot slower than I expected. Apparently I didn't realize how much effort it would take to make project write ups. Even the posts where I just transferred over from my old site took a lot of effort because I do a proofread over once or twice that somehow takes half a day. So far I've got about a dozen up that I'm alright with. I think I still have another dozen maybe to go.

Later today I'm going to try and just get this site up as soon as possible regardless of my write up status. I'll just copy over what I have from the old pages and work from there. It'll give me something to look forward to rather than just struggling to chug out words over and over. I just want to finish all this as soon as possible. I'm basically not doing any programming/studying right now, and I feel myself rusting away without practice.


I'll also test audio really quick.


Site Is Up(almost)!!!

22 January 2016, 8:00AM

So after I think almost 3, 4, 5, honestly I'm not even sure anymore weeks of work, I want to say I'm at a pretty good state with rebuilding this site. Right now, I think all the programming functionalities I want are here, namely being able to click and make Blog/Project/About posts with optional file attachments that I can reference, all hooked up with Rails. This is a pretty big step up from the static sites I had in the past, which required me to do a whole boatload of copy pasting of files and take way too long transferring things back and forth.

Despite the difficulties I had in picking up not only a new framework but an entirely new language, I think I learned a tremendous amount and enjoyed the experience, as grueling as some parts felt. Admittedly, some sections of this site are hanging on by some magic thread (hehe), but I think everything is at a pretty stable and (more importantly) looking-alright state that I can work with. I'm sure some parts of what I'm doing may be frowned upon or maybe even up straight up illegal, but I'm satisfied with the results so far.

It will take some more time before everything is fully up though. I'll still be working on this new site with test port 3000 until all my projects and their info are up. Then I'll switch everything over to and the site'll officially be live.

Oh yeah, I need to test videos and embedded files, so here's a puppy and youtube, soundcloud, and niconico music.